About six months prior to your 65th birthday, you'll begin receiving an overwhelming amount of information in the mail about all the different plans that Medicare has approved.  You have a six month window to elect a plan without having to undergo medical underwriting.  Generally speaking, outside of that six month window, you will be subject to medical underwriting unless you qualify for a Special Election Period.  Each year, Medicare has an Annual Enrollment Period that you have the ability to switch your RX plan or switch out an advantage plan.  Let us show you how all this works, so that you aren't locked in for a whole year with a plan that is not suitable to your health needs.

Nearly 80 million baby boomers will file for retirement benefits over the next 20 years - an average of 10,000 per day.
— John Boehner

Supplement Plans

There are  11 different Medicare Supplement plans available being sold today, and a few more that are grandfathered in. Plans range from paying a premium and never worrying again about a single bill, to plans that have some manageable copays or deductibles.  Our theory is to never under-insure and never over-insure. Let us show you your options so you can just insure to the level of your budget and comfort level.

Advantage Plans

There are quite a few different Medicare Advantage Plans that consist of plans that require you to get referrals for a specialist to ones that allow you to go to doctors outside of a network for a higher copay.  Many of these plans may have a prescription drug plan included or even a membership to a fitness center.  Though these plans generally have lower premiums, they also have more out of pocket expenses.  We'll show you the fine print, so you won't be uninformed about how these low premium plans work.

Part D

There are around 30 different prescription drug plans available each year.  This is the one part of Medicare that has some of the most moving parts.  One year a particular RX plan has $0 deductible, the next year it has a $300+ deductible.  One year your pharmacy is in the preferred network, the next year it is not, resulting in higher copays.  Unlike many companies or agents that want to sign you up and never to contact you again, we will make sure that your plan is the most cost effective each and every year!

Veteran Plans

Many Veterans ask the question as to whether they need Medicare or not.  Though there isn't a blanket answer for that, some differences in coverage are whether you served in the military or were possibly disabled to a certain degree in service.  Others questions are whether you want to get your medications filled by the VA or from your local pharmacy.  Either way, we appreciate your service to our Great Nation and are glad to walk you through your options and show you what other Veterans are choosing for their individual needs.

As brokers, let us do the shopping for you! Since our brokers get paid by the companies themselves, you don’t pay any extra fees for our service!