Typically there are three things that are most important for clients that we work with.  One is safety of their money, another is growth of their money, and lastly is income derived from their money.  Many discussions are based off what clients want their money to do for them while they are still living, and what are their wishes once they pass on.  For some clients, leaving a legacy gift to their children or grandchildren is of most importance.  Others feel that they want to spend every dollar before they kick the bucket.  While others say their priority is to take care of themselves first, and if there is anything left then they'd rather it go to those they love more so than to the great uncle called "Sam."

You’ve spent your lifetime working for let your money work for you!

Interest Rates

When buying a home or taking out a small loan, you couldn’t ask for better interest rates than currently.  However, many retirees have been using interest bearing accounts to produce income to help supplement their retirement.  Due to this, retirees have been tragically impacted the greatest.  With CD rates at all time lows and inflation that is unrelenting, let us show you what other retirees are doing to create the income they need. 


For anyone invested in the stock market over the last decade, you can pretty much ask them where they were when the stock market crashed in 2008.  Due to volatility of the market, many people have been burned to never trust the market again.  We’ve all heard the statement, “it’s not if the market drops, it’s when!”  Corrections to the market are inevitable and healthy for the most part.  Though the coffee can buried in the back yard has possibly been a thought, let us show you how to shelter from turbulent times, while giving you some very fair returns.