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2011-8-18   source:   browse:2264

 in the new network on 18 august two city in early trading, has weak, vulnerable index of looking for direction, prev close below 2600 again.
as of midday close, the sse composite index closed at 2592.26 points, down 8.90 points, or 0.34%, turnover 37600000000 yuan; shen chengzhi closed at 11535.28 points, down 63 points, or 0.54%, turnover 37690000000 yuan.
plate, plate two, most early fell, but with the exception of a few blocks, or are within 1%. cement industry fell sharply again, as of noon closed down 2.27%, led by the two cities, the furniture industry in 2.17%.
the stock aspect, today's three new further pursuit of funds, rose sharply in early trading. at the same time the resumption of today 's st lubei or early 42.31%. fujian farming, galaxy magnet, inventec zhongke and lehman photoelectric four stock trading. ( in new network security channel )