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2011-8-18   source:   browse:2139

last week the national cement market prices continue to rise slightly, annulus comparing rises 0.04%. rising area is mainly in guangzhou, guangxi north, guiyang and other parts of the region, the price the upregulation of 10-40 yuan / ton; drop area mainly concentrated in gansu, jiangxi, shandong zaozhuang, nanchang, prices were down 20-30 yuan / ton.
jiangxi nanchang market prices fall 20 yuan / ton. mainly on the downstream business customers for the implementation of 20 yuan / ton rebate policy to change to lower prices. the main reason is the downstream demand is still weak, apart from ya dong, other company stock is close to 80%; two is the result of nanchang prices remain high, hubei cement into the quantity increases, local enterprises to increase sales rebate.
guangzhou market price increases 10-20 yuan / ton, mainly by guangxi electric power drive. in addition, guangxi beiliu prices rise again 10-30 yuan / ton, other areas remained stable, in addition to the current guilin power to alleviate somewhat outside, other area is still in the large area production, guangxi city cement prices will continue to rise.
guiyang cement price rises considerably, substantially 40 yuan / ton, or label have reached 380 yuan / ton. it is understood, for the security of the universiade in guizhou smoothly, output power must be guaranteed, so the guiyang and the surrounding cement enterprise power remained in remission without cement, no inventory, the subsequent price or will continue to rise.