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although the country did in 2009 38 files already on cement project investment stopped, but the first half of this year the output of cement at nearly two, more than expected profits grew 1.7 times.
from the first half of 2011 the overall running situation of cement industry, cement the indicators are better than expected. while the first half of this feast wealth can continue into the second half of the year, experts said, in july 6, cement market was obvious monetary tightening, funds shortage, this phenomenon from the point, the various regions of the country have been demonstrated, while some areas due to a shortage of funds, the key construction projects, appearance or phenomenon. especially in 7 . 23 ningbo temperature line train time since the accident, safety, quality of the contradictions, the ministry of railways to audit in construction project, it has great influence on cement industry.
industry profits far ultra pre
the first half of this year, cement output growth is amazing. according to the china cement association statistics, this year 1 ~ june above-scale enterprises total cement output 9.5 tons, year-on-year growth rate reached 19.57%, far exceeding expectations. both the cement absolute or year-on-year growth at historic highs. from the regional perspective, east and south area occupies countrywide output 60%, southwest, northwest and north china grew the fastest, are more than 20%.
with nearly two into production growth does not match, the first half of this year, the cement industry profits grew 1.7 times.
from 1 to may, countrywide cement industry sales income 324400000000 yuan, grow 48.25% compared to the same period. a profit of 35257000000 yuan, grow 170% compared to the same period, industry gross margin reached 20%, an increase of nearly 5 percentage points. industry profitability performance hitherto unknown good performance, large cement enterprises greatly profit.
from the regional perspective, the east china area is not only the profit contribution, contribution of entire industry profit of 54% year-on-year growth, and is also the highest, reaching 504%. followed by south africa, contribution of industry profits by 26.5%, compared to the same period 256%. southwest, northwest and northeast regions compared to the same period last year dropped significantly.
profit surged mainly comes from a quarter of the traditional low season, is not short off-season, the price stability.
from the china cement association to monitor the city of 31 provincial capital of countrywide cement market prices, this year 1 ~ june national grade 42.5 cement market price more than 415 yuan / ton, more than in 2010 rose 50 yuan / ton, up 14.80%, is the highest rate in east china region, or 48.60%. north, south area than the previous price also rises apparently. southwest prices from 2010 than in 2009, continued to slide in 2011. northeast area is in season in may prices, already higher than two years ago, the northwest region from 1 to june, the overall performance is lower than last year, particularly in shaanxi and ningxia area. prices is the main reason of regional production concentrated release and capital shortage causes market demand slowdown.