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2011-8-15   source:   browse:2193

the iraq spc 2nd 5300t/d clinker production line was successfully ignited at one time in a cheerful atmosphere on the morning of the august 15, 2011, which contained the hard work of all staffs from haijin in the front and 2nd production line of iraq.
the workers of firing section lighted the torch of the mr. chen, who is the manager of sinoma in iraq, and then the torch was conveyed to the debugging commander mr. tian. mr. tian held the pilot fire from first mill highly, accompanied by four guarders, delivered it to the guest one by one. mr. qin and mr. gong, who is the manager of sinoma, held the torch together in warm applause. the torch was delivered in turn, and then held by 4 workers from haijin to 2nd kiln out. at the 9 clock and ten, the ignition was successfully done through the lighting of the fire rod by the shakri and muhammad in a warm applause.
this successful ignition showed that the haijin made a solid step to the foreign market, which strengthened the development direction to the world. under the correct guide and the overall management, the staff of haijin would be keep on fighting for 2nd production output goal and the care from the leaders of the company.