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2011-6-13   source:   browse:2001

 recently, the production task of iraq scp1 manufacture security project of haijin was finished successfully at the first year, which created two no.1 of the world at the field of external technology service of the china cement: clinker output of manufacture guarantee and operation rate of mill equipments.
iraq scp1 is the first cement production project with the standard of china contracted by suzhou sinoma. the designed mill system output was 5300t/d, haijin was responsible for the implementing the manufacture guarantee of the production line.
during the project implementation, haijin finished the 1.59 million ton production task of the first year with the mature management experience, team spirit, and the perfect technology and service system at local time may 30, 2011, by overcoming several difficulties, such as long time dispatch, language communication, low machining ability, and over raw material. until june 5, the output was over 20 thousand ton and the running rate of the mill system was 82.53%.
the iraq scp1 of haijin gained a high approval from the owner and contractor, providing wide developing opportunities and space for international cement service.