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2016-6-2   source:safety engineering   browse:2273


in order to give commendation to the advanced individuals, the company union organized the excellent staff selection activities of 2015-2016 recently. after democratic election from project divisions, departments recommendation, head office qualification examination, leads inspection and result announcement, 12 excellent employees were selected as follows:
  wang jiaxun, li pan, qin guoliang, yuan kaidong, zhao fengwu and wang bin from iraq mass project,
  liu dong from zambia project,
  huo tonghong from tibet gaozheng project,
  gong chenghui from saudi arabia ccc phase ii project,
  xue taifu from iraq al-douh project,
  wang gui from indonesia star project,
  li qing from saudi arabia spcc phase iii project.
and also another 7 staff won nomination as follows:
  hu yongjin,li bing, liu wenmin from iraq mass project,
  liu guochen, li yanbo from zambia project,
  gao bingwu from saudi arabia ccc phase ii project,
  zhou shimin from kazakhstan project.
  we call for unity and cooperation of all employees, follow the example of excellent staff, work smart and work hard. let's strive for our common aspiration in the spirit of being concerted, down-to-earth, persistent and creative in our work.