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2016-6-8   source:   browse:2717

         on may 24, 2016, when the national production safety 15 months approaching, scp project company general manager qin wu came to iraq for inspection.

june 1 in the afternoon, always accompanied by our project director of the qin scp project to project department office to attend the iraq security oath signature on safe production activities.signed a pledge in the ceremony,qin total scp projects in iraq security oath signature on safe production activities give full affirmation, encourage employees to work in the future, will today vowed to take action, the safety of the hard work safety knowledge and skills, strengthen the concept of safety development, enhance the quality safety, ensure the production safety and smoothly.

  on june 3 in the afternoon, always accompanied by related personnel, qin scp in iraq project production site for security check. advocate complementary in raw material workshop section, qin total site inspection for the 6 s management in the stages of requirements section further enhance the level of 6 s management, promote the 6 s management to a higher stage. at the scene of the burning workshop 4 # heavy oil tank cleaning, qin general requirements workshop to tank safety management, ensure the safety of operation. within a second line always drop, qin total safety management work of electrical section carefully check, required electrical section must be carried out deeply and in detail the safety management, improving safety skills and qualities.

       then, in a second line control floor conference room, qin always attended the scp project all the management staff meeting in iraq. conference, qin general to all the participants has analyzed the current domestic economic situation and the company's business development, project the management staff to cherish the jobs and our subjective initiative, grasp management, cost reduction, continuous improvement, work creatively, strive for greater achievements.


iraq's scp project department office security oath signature event




qin total scp in iraq project total drop check work within a second line


qin always participate in iraq scp project management symposium