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2016-7-14   source:safety engineering   browse:2359
 in june, our various projects department in the company under the leadership of wsc, positive response of the state council ann so call, carried out in order to "strengthen the concept of safety development, promote comprehensive security quality" as the theme of "safe production month" activities, the whole month, there was no staff inductrial injury accident, safety production and get good grades.

good for an organization to carry out the company "safe production month" activities, the committee attaches great importance to the company, has carried on the careful organization plan, on may 23, 2016 issued a "about safety in production, 2016 activities notice, request various projects department according to the actual situation of each site and their own conditions to coordinate actively, ensure complete production safety month activity goals and objectives.

projects in iraq in three production lines marked in late may, posted safety propaganda, using approved, banners, and other forms of propaganda about the content of national safety month spread propaganda, creating the atmosphere of safety activities. at the same time, the group watched this year's activities on the national security of the whole video is presided the preconditions and memo safety accidents in 2015. in june, the project department organized two teams, the project department and material in iraq took part in the maintenance division of safety knowledge contest, have achieved good results. during the activity, each workshop points also don't carried out all kinds of security drill. zambia ndola project according to the field situation produced "strengthen the concept of safety development, promote comprehensive security literacy" propaganda banners, posted in the factory. the other organization members conducted fire safety drill activities.
other projects department, organization during the "safe production month" to carry out the rich variety of production safety knowledge learning and training activities, and carefully organize to carry out the hidden perils in safety management, emergency drills, achieved the expected goal.
activities held by the "safe production month", the purpose of safe production management level has improved, personnel quality and safety awareness and strengthening exercise. company committee request various projects department continue to continuous improvement, to keep safety month activity spirit going, for the project of security and stability of production.

the graph is iraq scp project department office security oath signature event

above for zambia project in the fire drill

kazakhstan m-a kent safety engineer project engaged "safe production month" speech

the graph is project staff to actively participate in tibet lhasa tibet high for building materials