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2011-4-3   source:   browse:2928

recently, our debugging met some big challenges during the raw material mill running for the wet material caused by rains, such as serous block of ingredient station, the over outer circulation of mill, and the shortage of heat source. the big mill has been ignited at the 14th day of that month. for the imminent operation of raw material mill, some preparations were immediately done after the second batch of workers’ arrival at the 11th, including familiarity of the process, equipment on site and the raw material. all the works were completed orderly by overcoming some difficulties like bad whether etc. the leaders of sinoma commanded to run the mill resolutely at the 25th although the material was still wet. after all the preparations, the mill ran normally for 3 hours to the schedule for the effort of the staff from haijin & corporation of the sinoma personnel, of course, the product quality were also up to the sinoma leaders’ requirement. our staffs promised to finish the trail of mill system with the recognition and encou