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 1. general layout optimization: unified planning of production line layout, plant roads, logistics corridors, office area and landscaping is to be undertaken in accordance with the general layout submitted by the design institute in close relation with local cultural environment, so as to ensure smooth physical distribution goes, reduce transferring points, lower the project investment, increase management convenience, making the plant in harmony with surrounding environment.
2. basic design optimization: verifying and optimizing technological process, civil structure, material transferring and equipment configuration etc. to ensure the new production line works stably, the output capacity of all equipment reaches utmost, various indicators reach the design indicators or better, and reduce unnecessary investment for civil works and equipment;
3. equipment selection suggestion: optimize the main and auxiliary facilities and propose suggestions on manufacturers, suppliers and basic equipment configurations etc. to realize the best matching of plant capacity among main and subsidiary equipment in the process, ensure the whole production line works reliably and control the investment effectively;
4. construction project management;
5. providing production debugging and target-achieving debugging on installation completion of production lines;
6. plant production management & production contracting;
7. overall process service of waste heat power generation, supervision, installation & debugging as well as production etc.;
8. training for various positions.